Lucci Lewinson

Playing Age | Early to mid teens and possibly up to 17 years of age
Ethnical Appearance |
Black british
Location |Leeds
Height |5,5
Dress Size |Age 15 to 16 or xsmall adult
Eye Colour |Dark brown
Hair Colour |Black
Build |Slim athletic
Demeanour |Confident


Actor, Presenter

PERFORMANCE | Presented Bbc ‘Top this’, lead parts in Troubles a brewin ( west end , 2019) and High school musical, cadburys ad

MUSIC & DANCE | Diversity

SPORTS | Lucci plays football with a football academy, he also does running


NATIVE | Yorkshire but also able to apply other accents including southern accents and west indian accent

OTHER | Southern, northern and patois

Recent Credits

Cadbury fence advert
Troubles a brewin (West end theatre show)
‘Mind of my own’ app advert
High school musical (stage show)
Presenting ‘Top This’ shows

Education & Training

Lucci is currently attending high school. He is in year 10 which and have not yet undertaken their GCSE’s


Spotlight Member

Lucci is not currently a member of Spolight

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Lucci Lewinson

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